Waspper pressure washers

Waspper offers products in a wide range to satisfy all customer needs

Overhead valve (OHV) Engines

Designed For Lower Operating Temperature, Powerful Drive, Reliability And Durability. Cast Iron Casting, Metal Cam And Forged Crankshaft, All Individual Parts Of The Engine Make It More Wear Resistant, Reliable And Durable. These Engines Have Many Convenient Functions Such As Automatic Alarm And Stop At Low Oil Level, Which Prevents The Engine From Running At Low Oil Level And Gives More Protection To The Engine.

Aluminum Piston Pumps

The Aluminum Piston Pumps Directly Fit All Of Our Engines. The Pump Body Is Made Out Of Die Cast Aluminum Alloy For Stronger Construction. Pistons Are Designed Out Of Hardened And Tempered Steel And The Pump Head Is Pressed Brass To Increase The Life Span Of The Pump. The Entire Pump Was Designed For The Greatest Efficiency. Our Pumps Come With An Optional Detergent Suction System.


All Of Our Accessories Are Perfectly Matched To Our Machines To Deliver The Best Performance Available. Our Pvc Hoses Are Designed Specifically For High Pressure Uses. They Are Made From Durable Materials To Extend Their Longevity. All Of The High Pressure Guns Used On Our Machines Are Of The Highest Quality. They Are Very Light To Decrease The Strain During Long Duration Uses. The Nozzle Tips Are Easily Replaced Using Our Quickrelease Lance.